Happy New Year – Big Sky style

Our family tradition is to head to our condo in Big Sky after Christmas to ring in the new year. We arrived Wednesday night and have been having all kinds of fun ever since.

Errol and Valon shredded the hill on Thursday. (Sadly, they didn’t take any selfies for me to share. Why don’t boys do that? At least Valon took this beautiful photo.)

Isis, the boys and I spent the morning playing in the snow – sledding, moving loads of snow with diggers and sipping hot cocoa. 

We also built legos…

… and, when the boys got home, played Valon’s new game “Bears vs. Babies.” Yes, the name sounds terrible. But it’s a ridiculously fun game by the Seattle maker of “Exploding Kittens,” which is another family fave.

Then, yesterday, Isis and I went up to earn our shredding stickers.

(Yes, there were some selfies.)

Someone took Isis’s poles, probably by mistake, while we were having lunch. So we shared my poles for our final run.

Errol brought Danny up to practice on the magic carpet for a bit, so we got to watch him in action, too.

Then we headed back to find our friends had arrived – yay! Enjoyed dinner and more “Bears vs. Babies.” And today and tomorrow will bring more playing in the snow, more games, more laughing, more love.

Such a great way to wrap up a totally awesome year.


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